About Us

Knowledge Transference Inc. (KTI) is a California Certified Small Business based in Sacramento, California, that specializes in the development and delivery of eLearning products and services, multimedia communications, live-event streaming, webinar coordination, conference management, and the development of learning management systems (LMS) for nonprofit, tribal, private and public organizations.


KTI’s mission is to bridge the knowledge, skills and abilities gap between employees and their workplace through effective knowledge transfer, using culturally‐competent, evidence‐ based, learner-centered strategies. KTI has successfully managed over 50 national, state and local training eLearning projects. Selected examples include: Understanding Student Mental Health at Community Colleges; Improving Substance Use Disorder Service for Clients with Developmental Disabilities; Silence Doesn’t Work Here – Domestic Violence and the Workplace; and Responsible Beverage Service Training for Special Event Servers.