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Census 2020: Centers & Kiosks Training

The purpose of this training is to provide an in-depth overview of set up information with training toolkits and collateral/materials available to Region One census partners that plan to host Questionnaire Assistance Centers (QACs) or Questionnaire Assistance Kiosks (QAKs) for the 2020 Census

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Social media

Census 2020: Social Media Training

Learn how to share the Census 2020 toolkit materials on your social media channels. Tina Reynolds and Mia Lopez share their tips and tricks on how to post on your Facebook and Twitter channels. They make sharing from social media easy and fun to help make you (and the Census) more popular!

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Phone at Door

Census 2020: PDI Outreach Training

The State Census Bureau has contracted with PDI to provide census partners with an easy way to walk door-to-door and talk with residents about the census.

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Census 2020: Community Outreach Training

The purpose of this training is to provide a practical overview of community outreach strategies developed for the 2020 Census. You will also learn to build skills on cultural responsiveness to engage Hard-To-Count communities to achieve a complete count.

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Census 2020: Volunteer Training

The purpose of this training is to provide census volunteers with an overview of various volunteer roles for the following census activities: Census Ambassadors, Kiosks and Centers, Event Outreach, Phone Banking, and Door Knocking.

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Cultural Responsiveness in Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Online Training

The MYLAR team is a specially created network of victim services agencies from across California, each serving diverse populations. The MYLAR team members began working together in 2014 as participants in the Blue Shield Foundation of California’s Culturally Responsive Domestic Violence Network, which sought to improve culturally responsive services for underserved domestic violence victims.

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